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As a creative artist and entrepreneur, Sam McCool is always looking for an opportunity to decipher everyday  experiences into artistic expressions and commercial ventures.

Having written and performed for many years as a corporate MC and comedian, Sam has proved his versatility in accepting client briefs, understanding the nuances of their audiences, researching like crazy, writing and re-writing suitable scripts, then launching his ideas onto live audiences in the general pursuit of laughter and applause.

However, beyond the rigours of stand up comedy, or being a Master of Ceremonies, Sam has applied his creative brain and Psychology degree in areas far beyond... His versatile career has evolved from hotel management, travel and tourism, into research, marketing and finally entertainment.

Having spent years marketing market and social research to the top marketing teams in the biggest corporate brands and Government institutions at all levels, Sam gained insights into customer perception that have stayed with him till now. 

Moreover, as an actor he was regularly offered audition scripts for ads which viewed the customer as a 'target market', or 'market demographic'... rather than as real humans. Often these scripts were outlandish, silly, non-sensical, or just overly whimsical. Other times, they were boring and dry. There had to be a better way.






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